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Your home carpets should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year to maintain their high quality and eliminate built up dirt and grime. I

Superclean Carpet Services provides cleaning services at the Highest Quality.

Superclean uses state of the art equipment to power steam, clean, deodorize and disinfect your carpets. This heavy duty cleaning equipment will destroybacteria and eliminate any residue that has become entrenched into carpet padding over time.

The Superclean staff are careful to safely move your furniture so as to access previously inaccessible areas such as behind furniture and in corners. The cleaning process starts with pretreating to loosen dirt and dust particles from the carpet. Once your carpets are clean and properly dried they will be ready for everyday use with no residue or fumes.

Superclean is familiar with a variety of carpet cleaning techniques to best meet your specific cleaning situation. It has been our experience that in most cases, the most effective and efficient way to truly clean carpets is with high powered steam cleaning using professional grade equipment like truck mounts.



Furniture & Upholstery 
It is a fact that furniture and upholstery will serve you better and longer when they are properly maintained. Upholstery furniture and fabric manufacturers typically suggest professional cleaning once every two years, depending on the exact fabric material.  Don't let food and beverage stains and everyday body oils diminish the fresh look of our furniture and upholstery. Superclean can make your furniture look like-NEW again with their proven cleaning formula. Upholstery will be evaluated and cleaned to remove deep down dirt and stains leaving it fresh looking and smelling.

Special Treatment
If it is determined that your carpet requires specialized treatments, such as deoderizing or scotchguarding, you will be advised and quoted before any work is carried out. 

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning
Superclean uses state-of-the-art steam cleaning machines, coupled with soft, non-scratch brushes and eco-friendly cleaning product to clean ceramic tile and grout safely and efficiently. We use a process that pressure washes tile and grout at 270 degrees removing dirt and moisture in a contained system, leaving it mop wet. 

Flood Restoration
Superclean suggest that you regularly carry out a visual inspection of the walls, ceilings and floors in your home. You should look for any signs of water damage like moisture on walls or ceilings, discoloration, streak marks, rotting, mold or mildew. Home moisture is both unsightly and can pose severe health threats.

Water Damage Repair
The first phase in repairing water damage is moisture removal. Superclean will use their specialized industrial grade water removal machines to eliminate the current moisture at your residence. Superclean will also provide specific drying instructions for you so that no additional damage will occur to your flooring. The second phase of repair is removing odor from mold, mildew or standing water. Superclean will use professional grade equipment that will treat, steam and deodorize the carpet to remove any and all odors.



SERVICES INCLUDE                 (but not limited to): 

Carpet & Upholstery
Spot & Stain Removal
Flood & Water Restoration
Mildew & Odor Control
Ceramic & Tile Grout
Pet Deoderization
Dupont Scotchguard Protection 

All services are Fast Drying and safe for Children & Pets